Ice Queen Witch Headdress Light Up Unseelie Celestial Silver White Icicle Spiked Crown Snow Wicked Evil Winter Costume Empress Festival Headpiece

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Unseelie – Winter crown of wickedness for the Unseelie Queen boasts many icicle spike sizes and types, with attention drawn to the largest center icicle spike—because the taller the spikes, the more powerful the queen--which blinks in different rainbow patterns. The two smaller clear icicle spikes light up a continuous cool blue. The other sparkling accents are covered in twinkling glitter create extra reflective bling when the lights are on. Finally working down onto the forehead is a sparkling evil widows peak of AB crystals and a final dripping stone!

The largest icicle has an “on/off” switch on the back at the bottom, and the two smaller ones come with mini batteries and are triggered when the spikes are “screwed in” all the way. If they still do not turn on, be sure the little metal “arm” on the icicle side is hovering on top of the batteries and not over the side of the plastic rim. Also, be extra careful handling this piece when turning the lights on and off. Always handle the icicle itself and not the headband, as handling them as two separate objects could force them to disjoin.

Also, feel free to check out my YouTube channel for a hands on demonstration!