How fast is shipping?

A. Domestic: I use Priority USPS shipping which usually takes three days, now;
about 1% of the time, it takes more. This method only applies to
pieces which fit in box no larger than a cubic foot (i.e.) they pretty
much all the pieces fit ;)
B. International: I use First Class USPS, which rarely comes with
tracking--depending on the country-- and takes an average of
two weeks. I cannot be responsible for how long your
country's customs decides to hold onto your package.
C. Yes, I can ship over night, but this will cost about $35.00 for
domestic and $150.00 for international--and unfortunately there
is no guarantee.

Will you do custom and personalized orders?

Yes, and I’d love to! Be sure to message me with all the information you have (i.e.) the event you need it for, the date you need it for, perhaps a photo of your ensemble you want to match it to, etc., and be sure to respond to my questions in a timely manner to work together as efficiently as possible. Please understand I cannot spend loads of time with a lot of back and forth messaging, as that is all I would ever be able to do without actually creating your piece.

Do you do bulk orders, and if so, can I get a discount?

Yes, and I’d love to! It will most likely take me about thirty days to fill an order of ten or more of one design—for shopping of supplies. Be sure to message me with as much information as possible (i.e.) the date you need them by and the exact numbers you need, etc. Once this information is confirmed, I can give more accurate discount information ;) Although, ethically, I will not make a copy of another Esty seller’s work! I will only bend on this rule if you and/or I get permission from the seller, which may only happen because they are unable to fill your order. I now require a non-refundable deposit to discuss design, as I have had several people waste my time confirming specific designs and not following through with the order.

I'm a photographer, can I borrow one of your pieces?

I will be willing to allow you to borrow in this way only:
1. You must purchase the piece from the site and upon receipt of a photo of the return receipt and the item arrives in perfect condition, I will give a refund of the cost of the piece.
2. You must give credit to and link Jezebel’s Fascination in any publications and/or social media posts.
3. You must share any and all edited photos with me.
4. We must agree upon a return date before I ship the piece out to you.

Do you rent out your pieces?

Yes, I rent out select headpieces. We must first agree upon a return date. You must then purchase them as is on the site. Upon receipt of a photo of the return shipping receipt and the piece arrives in perfect condition, I will give a 50% refund of the cost of the piece.