Tiki Mardi Gras Headband, Hurricane New Orleans Quirky Cocktail Parasol Headpiece, Crawfish Dapper Day Oasis Umbrella Headdress, Kitsch Novelty, Hukilau Costume, Unique Parade, Carnival Purple Green Gold Yellow Polynesian Pop

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Hurricane - Quirky Mardi Gras tiki headband comprised of a Hurricane cocktail, which originated in Louisiana, surrounded by dazzling tropical flowers in the colors of Mardi Gras with the cocktail itself garnished with not only the traditional Hurricane orange slice and cherry, but the fruit pick is one of the original Beachbum Berry's designs who is located in New Orleans and also garnished with a metallic glistening gold parasol and straw all completely topped off with a Louisiana Mardi Gras crawfish. A fun way to show you New Orleans, Louisiana spirit while keeping it tiki!

Please note that while some of the colors may be interchanged, they will all remain in the traditional purple, green, and yellow.