Luna Moth Chartreuse Sage Green Moon Phases Robe, Star Moon Sun Mushroom Black Witch Wings Fortune Teller Duster, Gothic Oracle Kimono, Fringe Celestial Costume, Festival Oddity Robe Flowing Bohemian Dance Goddess Royal Blue Priestess Mystical Eye

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Adelidae - Duster depicting a large royal blue and chartreuse luna moth with a mystical eye hovering above in the back against a galactic background with with a field of golden mushrooms and the phases of the moon entirely trimmed in a matching sage green fringe completed with a hand beaded black and silver paisley clasp at a classy drop waist length. When you spread your arms, you will appear to have the wings of this beautiful moth, a great look for a boho beach adventure, performers on stage, or any fun festival!

Each dressing gown comes packaged with a velvet flocked hanger so it doesn’t slip off in your closet, and a garment bag for safe keeping and/or traveling.

While this is a one size fits most style, this model is 5'5", her bra size is 36D, and her hips are 37".