Geometric Art Deco Mid Century Satin Bat Wing Gown, Egyptian Goddess Seshat Cocoon Dressing Robe, Beaded Fringe Golden Purple Plum Eggplant Poiret Kimono Wrap, Priestess Bohemian Majestic Queen Burlesque Costume Mardi Gras Jezebel's Boudoir

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Seshat - Shiny satin printed with a deep eggplant purple designed with glossy brass art deco yet mid century geometric pattern trimmed in a coordinating lightweight brass colored beaded trim and completed with an art deco style rhinestoned peacock brass colored clasp at a classy drop-waist length. Named after the Egyptian goddess of math, architecture, and measurements, this majestic dressing gown will unleash your inner deity!

Each dressing gown comes packaged with a velvet flocked hanger so it doesn’t slip off in your closet, and a garment bag for safe keeping and/or traveling.

While this is a one size fits most style, this model is 5'3", wearing 4" heels, and her measurements are 36,26,35.