Voodoo Preistess Gypsy Cannibal Snake Shaman Witch Doctor Black Magic Theater Creepy Crown Swamp Skull Rose Hoodoo Dead Oddity Aztec Headdress Peacock Rooster Feathers Halloween Costume Unique Festival Mardi Gras Parade New Orleans Peacock Gothic Queen

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A black Voodoo Priestess skull crown with a Gypsy flair with black lace and a black gem on the skull and Aztec flair with the black rooster/crow feathers!  This piece can be used again and again for several themed parties!

I would like to give a special thanks Artemio Enriquez, a native, born and raised in Mexico, for sharing his experiences with Dia de los Muertos and the ancient Aztec culture, as well as Darline Hoback, a native, born and raised in Haiti, for sharing with me her knowledge of the Haitian Culture, which helped to inspire this headpiece!